Saturday, November 7, 2015

Baby I'm Over You

BABY I'M OVER YOU is classic country honk with more hooks than a Mississippi trout line. As a pro songwriter who has worked for major Nashville music publishers I'm very familiar with this type of song. But until just this past month I had yet to write one like it. I suddenly chanelled Hoyt Axton only a few weeks ago & voila...a new "Baby" song was born. I'll let my chorus lead us on from here: "You had me spinnin' my wheels goin' nowhere tellin' off all of my friends / A man's gotta do what his heart tells him to and so the story ends/ With highway and blue skies singin' these good-byes takin' me far away too / From every crazy freakin' lyin' tongue you speak in Baby I'm Over You".

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