Saturday, November 7, 2015

On The Radio

ON THE RADIO is a creative reflection on my life in music business pursuits over many long years.  It is loosely autobiographical and it is also a personal homage to my favorite New York top 40 radio station in the mid-to-late 1960s, WABC 77.  My love of the songs and the hit records of that golden era as presented by some of the greatest rock 'n roll DJs in the world inspired me to follow the path to becoming a songwriter and a recording artist.  I'm very happy to share this brand new song as it is truly inspired and transcendent in it's scope.  I hope you enjoy!  **Click to view radio image here


  1. ...It's good to see you've finally decided to put yourself out there a little bit...lyrically, great material, as always...but, I fear in these days of rap, hip-hop and techno, in a world where a turntable-ist can be called a musician, and someone who rambles on over a drum beat can be called a songwriter, I don't know where we fit in...

  2. Thanks for your comment Fred. I haven't just finally put myself out there as you suggest however. I'm writing new songs, recording and posting my work all along. So it might be the case that you've only rediscovered me again after many years. I've never stopped working. I'm not a musician or an entertainer. I write songs and produce records for my longstanding professional publishing purposes. I have hundreds of catalog songs with music publishers in Canada and the US including Sony/ATV. As for fitting in, that's the kiss of death for a songwriter/artist. My roots value being original and counter-cultural. That's my driving motivation. Not everybody is gonna love me or even get what it is my work is about but frankly, I couldn't care less about any of that. FT